Welcome to Sweden

Sweden is famous for IKEA, Swedish meatballs and ABBA. But there are many more interesting things that attract foreigners to relocate here. Did you for example know that during the summers, the sun never sets in the northern parts of the country? And as for the southern parts, the sun sets around 10PM and rises again around 3:30AM.

Some other interesting facts that are good to know if you’re thinking about relocating here:

  • Sweden is the sixth biggest country in Europe known to surface, but we have one of the lowest amounts of population per square kilometer.
  • Stockholm, which is the capital, has been called ¨The Venice of North¨ because the city is built around water with 42 bridges and 12 islands.

Working in Sweden

In Sweden employees are taken care of. The employers truly look after you and this is shown in various ways. For example, you can register for unemployment fund (“A-kassa”), which basically means that you are covered with pay for up to one year, if you lose your job. This provides that you have joined unemployment fund, have worked in Sweden for six months and are actively looking for a new job and can prove this, if you are asked to.

In Sweden we have a lot of good options for joining a union. Barona follows collective agreements to the detail and we have union-approved employment contracts that secure your rights and make sure that you’re never underpaid.

Regarding pension and other insurances, Barona follows our union agreement and we pay contributions according to pension plan ITP1 for all our employees. The contribution is approx. 4,5% of your monthly salary if you are over 25. For those who earn above 39.063 SEK/month, the pension plan increases with contributions of 30% on the amount above that salary level. You are also fully insured during your working hours and travels to and from work.

Since well-being at work is very important for us, we provide our employees with something called ¨Friskvårdsbidrag¨. This means that you get a yearly allowance of 3000 SEK (approx. 300€) per year to spend on sports, massage, physical therapy etc. This is a voluntary benefit for the employer and the amount varies between different companies.

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We support you

No matter where you are come from or what your destination is, we are here to help you with all the details. Once you arrive you can find your accommodation waiting for you and we will guide you through the official documents as well as help you with the required registrations and preparing everything ready for you to to start working.

All Nordic Countries have an employee friendly legislation and unions to ensure your rights. We at Barona follow those rules at all times. You will be treated equally and are entitled to the same salaries and other compensations and conditions as all our employees.

Once you arrive and start working, you will have your contact person always available for you during the office hours, and we can also provide you help in not only the local official languages in each Nordic Country but also in Slovak and Polish when needed.

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