Hi, my name is Diana and I come from Poland. Currently I’m working in Valmet Automotive as a substituent. I’m replacing people who are missing at work and I know basically everything all around my team. Actually, I was just checking some job offers from internet and then I found this job. So here I am now. In my opinion you can do many things here and really expand your skills. People truly appreciate your effort. We got people from many different countries, not only from Finland, but from Poland and Slovakia and other parts of Europe. It’s not a problem to communicate with each other. I didn’t have to look myself a place to live because Barona helped me with it, that was the most important thing in my opinion. And all the formalities you have to fill and placed you need to apply was arranged by Barona so that was really good. For me it was the best decision to come here and I don’t want to move anywhere else. I would recommend highly!